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What You Should Know First

  • The QuickClock device requires a connection to a computer (PC or Mac) with an active internet connection.
  • The device also requires the computer to have a browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc) running and the browser is pointed to your dedicated TimeMD domain. If you aren't sure what your dedicated TimeMD domain is, proceed to "Preferences -> General Account Settings". Under the section titled, "General Account Settings", look for "Dedicated URL". The address located next to it is your dedicated URL.
  • You must use proximity cards that are compatible with the QuickClock device. You can test whether or not your existing proximity cards are compatible by proceeding to You may also use this page to determine which time clock numbers have been assigned to each proximity card.
  • The QuickClock device works best in environments where employees do not need to select a department, job, task, etc. If they do need to select one of these options, they will be taken to a screen where they can make their selection. However this requires an extra step and a mouse will need to be made available for the selection.

Getting Started

  • Once you've received your QuickClock device, you must ensure all your employees who will be using it have been assigned a proximity card and their card number has been assigned to their account. To do so, complete the following:
    • Proceed to "Preferences -> Personnel/Employees".
    • Click on an employees name
    • Look under "Time Tracking Settings" on the right hand side. You should see a field titled, "Time Clock #". This is where you'll want to place the number they've been assigned through the proximity card.
  • Once you've saved all your employee's time clock numbers, proceed to "Preferences -> Time Tracking Settings".
  • On the right hand side of the page, under "Physical Time Clock Settings", look for the checkbox labeled, "Enable alternate login screen to accommodate QuickClock device". Make sure this is checked.
  • Save the form.
  • From the terminal where your employees will be using the QuickClock device, point your preferred browser to your dedicated TimeMD URL. If you are unsure what your dedicated TimeMD URL is, please see above under "What You Should Know First".

That's it... you're all set. Your employees should now be able to track time via the TimeMD QuickClock device.