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What You Should Know First

  • Time punches made by IVR are not covered by your month-to-month licensing fees.
  • You must contact a TimeMD representative in order to receive a dedicated phone number to be used for the IVR time keeping process. Once assigned, you can find your dedicated IVR phone number under "Preferences -> General Account Info".

Getting Started

  • Once you've been assigned your dedicated IVR phone number, you may complete the set-up process in your account. To do so, complete the following:
    • Proceed to "Preferences -> TimeTracking Settings".
    • Look for the setting under Misc. Settings titled, "Activate IVR time collection". Check the box and save the form.
    • Next, you must authorize which phones are allowed to use the IVR time keeping process.
      • Proceed to "Preferences -> Time Clocks"
      • Click the "Register New Time Clock" button
      • Select "IVR Based" from the "Type/Manufacturer" select box
      • Give it a name
      • Enter the phone number for the phone in the "Time Clock ID" field. Make sure to include the area code.
      • Specify the location and department where the time clock is found. If you'd like to also specify a Job, you may do so as well.
      • Save the form
    • Next you must enter Time Clock ID's for all your employees that will be tracking time via IVR.
      • Proceed to "Preferences -> Personnel/Employees"
      • Click on the employees name to be taken to their input screen
      • Under the section, "Time Tracking Settings", enter the employees Time Clock #". Note, because they will be using their phone's dial pad, you can only enter numbers.
      • Save the form.
    • If you wish your employees to specify a department when creating a punch, you must make sure you have an ID assigned to those departments.
      • Proceed to "Preferences -> Departments"
      • Click on the "edit" button for the department in question
      • Look for the "Alternate ID" field, enter the ID #. Note, because ID's will be entered using the phone's dial pad, you can only enter numbers.
      • Save the form.

That's it... you're all set. Your employees should now be able to track time via IVR.